Saturday, January 22, 2011

92 strong

So, here we are. 92 strong and counting.  We are known as the O'Brien family.  Some of us by name, most of us by number.  Most of us are still here on earth, others in heaven, including Granny.

Let me explain.  Way back when, Edward O'Brien fell in love with Gertrude Spalding.  They secretly got married and a bunch of years later ended up with 8 children.  As Poppy likes to tell the story, Granny said..."Just one more," after each child and so the O'Brien clan began.  We each have numbers, starting with the first daughter born, Pat (otherwise known as Aunt Pat to me), and so on and so forth.  As each family member was born or inducted into the family as Outlaws, otherwise known  as "inlaws" in everyday lingo, they received numbers.  I am number 29.  Howie, my husband is 76, my daughter Keira is 87, and my other baby in heaven is 92.  We are now up to number 92, soon to be 93, as one of the cousins is engaged and his Outlaw fiance will become the newest edition.

We hug a lot.  More than most families in fact.  We really love to hug :)  We also have shirts with our numbers on the back as if we are one huge soccer team.  But let me tell you, if we were a soccer team...we surely would kick the other teams' as*#s.  We are not a whimpy bunch, to say the least.

Last year we had our latest family reunion with as many members as could get to the States for the event.  As there are so many of us, it is expected that not everyone lives here.  Christy and Tim, and their respective spouses, live in Mexico as missionaries.  Chris is living the dream in Maui.  I'm sure there are more spread throughout the world that I cannot remember at this time. the family reunion we all received our own John Deere hats in honor of Poppy's love of the franchise.  We are a unique bunch and are proud of it.  Yeay, O'Briens!  There is no family quite like ours :)


  1. My family is full of huggers too, but there are a lot less of us than you guys. I hope you get to see everyone more often than family reunions!

  2. hey clair, we see the ones who live on the east coast pretty often...every couple months at least. probably not enough, but difficult to get so many people in one place at the same time :)


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