Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the sound of silence

It's all stillness and quiet and white everywhere.  The sticky wet flakes falling from the sky today were a welcome pause in a busy life.  I love how the background of the world seems to freeze while in the foreground fluffy flakes drop silently and are the only thing in motion.  And...the sound of silence.  Is there anything more peaceful, yet persuasive at the same time?

There are so many things I am jumping at the bit to do these kinds of days.  One of the best...cozy up on the couch with the favorite down comforter and pass the time in slow motion with a book.  But today...I think not.  Here are some tidbits from what happened instead.  I have answered the call of silence and this is what I've made.  Coming soon to my etsy Shop :)

ah, snow days


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  1. Wow! These are so beautiful Jenna! I love their muted colours x


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