Monday, January 24, 2011

what's for dinner, you say?

Let me tell you a very short, but very delicious story...Once there was a girl.  One day she saw a recipe for Beef Wellington.

So she bought the ingredients, plus a few yummy extras like potatoes for frying, spinach for cooking, and some bread to top it off.  They might have looked something like this.

She grilled the sweet onions, hearty mushrooms and Filet Mignon in bits of butter and thyme and then wrapped them all in a pastry sheet like a present and put them in the oven to bake.

While the girl was cooking, her husband went outside to stock up on wood for the stove and her daughter played with 5 cans of cat food, placing them in and out of a wicker basket, surprising herself all the while with her skills.

Then she fried the sliced potatoes in a drip of olive oil until they were golden brown and just a bit crunchy around the edges, like so:

When she couldn't stand the delicious aroma from the oven anymore for fear she would die of hunger, she took it out, placed it all on a dish, and sat down with her glass of pinot noir. 

She was very happy.  The end.


  1. can i come over for the next storybook dinner? that looks like it was scrumptious.

  2. oh, yeah! whenever you want and make sure you send me one of your own storybook delights some day :)

    happy monday

  3. That looks incredible. I'm impressed. :)

  4. YUMMMM!!! And I just have to say... that is the cutest little girl EVER! :)

  5. oh brooke, it's so easy, so don't be too impressed :)

    laur, thanks ! have you made anything good lately yourself?

  6. Hi Jenna,
    You are a wonderful storyteller. A simple story, so good.
    Thankyou, I have a smile on my face.

  7. thanks joan! i had a lot of fun making it, too :)


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