Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow and cats and dogs

This morning Keira and I were playing in her room before venturing downstairs when she began to hoot and holler like some kind of excited, twittering birdie.  Pointing out the window, she was eying up the new neighbor playing out in the snow...a dog!  There might not be anything as thrilling in the life of a child as a doggie who is just their size and always wants to play.  She proceeded to wave goodbye to him from the window as we left her room :)  So sweet.

Snow day, here at home.  14 plus inches and I had quite an adventure shoveling myself out.  Boy, oh boy, was that a workout.  But I enjoy the result...feeling productive, clean straight lines, having the option of getting out of the house on the fly.  Howie was plowing for two days, poor guy, but that sweet husband of mine brought me flowers when he came home this afternoon.  Just because :)  Am I lucky, or am I lucky?

When I wasn't shoveling, I was snuggling up inside with a cozy fire and a warm coffee in my new, blue checker mug that I gave myself for Christmas.  Keeping me company was a playful Keira, taking me around the house, showing me what she wanted to do or get or say from one thing to the next.  She does not talk in our language yet, so I find when I say, "Show me what you want..." she doesn't get frustrated with the idea that I am a slow-learning individual who has failed to understand her language.  The cats were lazing about today too, with Ollie curled up on my jacket on the floor, laying by the cold outside and a pile of wet boots.  As if there were no better place.  Savy was more reasonable, finding a little nook amongst the couch pillows.  All in all...a happy day here at the Beehive.
smart Savy
Ollie boy

sweet Keira Belle
tulips from Howie:)


  1. sounds like a very productive day :) I absolutely love the scene of your stove with the coffee maker on top. It looks so cozy!

  2. It's my theory that children are born speaking fluently in Swedish. We just don't understand Swedish so eventually they switch over to English. Because they're sure speaking something fluently!

  3. Keia, thanks! we have to constantly fill a thing with water and put it atop the stove to put some moisture back into the the house. since christmas we now have in our possession a beautiful, matte, cast iron humidifying teapot that i can't wait to use, but it has to be seasoned first :) are so right! everyone asks does she talk yet and i reply yes, but i don't understand her language. she rambles and makes all manner of little sounds. have you ever seen ice age that cartoon movie? at the moment, keira kind of sounds like sid, the character who pronounces everything with many sssssseesss.

  4. Hi Jenna! I love your blog! It has such a personal cozy feel to it. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for your comments on my blog...they mean a lot.

  5. I love the idea of all that snow! I would dearly love to be snowed in one day. Your little girl sounds so sweet x

  6. Oh, Kerri, she really is so sweet. The best thing I ever did besides marry my husband Howie:) Everyone tells me the first ones are always the good ones...but I am hoping that is not true. Maybe we are laid back enough parents that all our future children may have such sweet dispositions....Yeah right, right? I love the snow too, but I'm also dying for that smell of Spring that is tattooed on my brain from years past. Where do you live by the way?


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