Saturday, January 22, 2011

everywhere i go...

last night i went to bed with the winter song from nick junior stuck in my head.  to my amusement, i awoke with it still stuck there this morning.  normally, this could be a bad thing, but it's not so annoying when the song is so sweet.  it goes something like this and is sung by a cartoon moose called Moose..., do, do
days are the sunniest
jokes are the funniest
rabbits are the bunny-est
hives are the honey-est
troubles, they're the none-iest
Everywhere I go, bom, bom
berries are the fruitiest
shoes are the bootiest
puppies are the cutie-est
treasure is the lootiest
teams are the rootiest
horns are the tootiest
Everywhere I go, do, do
birds are the tweetiest
candy is the sweetiest
socks are the feeties
tricks are the treatiest
drums are the beatiest
lunch is the eatiest
Everywhere I go

this is just a little tid-bit but it has many more verses and personally...i find them very true to life:) i don't really mind these lyrics rolling around in my head for hours and hours and hours....and....hours. if they're still there tomorrow, though, i might have to seek professional help!

the complete song lyrics on nick junior

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