Friday, January 28, 2011

blue berry luck

So, I found this in my shoe this morning when I went to put it on.  I've heard that Blueberry Muffin in your Ugg is a good omen.  I'm pretty sure it's true :)

It also rained on my wedding day.  And I spill salt all the time, accidentally, but still.  I'm sure some of it has ended up over my shoulder at one point or another.  I have never broken a mirror, except on purpose for a mosaic project, so I'm clear on that one.  I can almost always blow out my birthday candles with one blow.  I used to eat apples with peanut butter every day after school for my snack when I was little and I was rarely ever sick.  I don't find four leaf clovers very often but my mom can pick them out of any field on any day.  That's gotta mean something since we're so closely related.  She also owns a black cat named BOO.  Now, that's gotta be bad luck though, right?

Who cares about luck anyway...Life is what we make of It.


  1. Hi Jenna, Enjoyed your blog today. You know, Uncle Jack finds four-leaf clovers too. Well, in the summer time! :) Aunt Julie

  2. hi aunt julie :) yup, i don't know how they do it, but they've got the eye to find a needle in a haystack. thanks for stopping by here! xoxo

  3. Blue Berry in your shoe! What a nice little surprise ;)
    It did rain on your wedding day, but it was still one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to!

  4. yeah laur, i felt a little something in there right away :) that happens a lot, actually. i find candles with little people in them, tupperware in cabinets with refrigerator letters in them. she even puts things in her own shoes too, just to surprise herself the next day i guess.

  5. I quite agree. Although sometimes I feel the superstitious roots creeping into my thoughts. I would definitely be happy to find a Blue Berry on my shoe though :)

  6. Keia...Yeah, well we all hear those little voices telling us what normally happens or what could happen. I just try to remember that what will be, will be, but the way I deal with it is up to me. That makes me feel better about...everything and anything. Thanks for your thoughts, I love hearing them in my head.


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