Friday, January 21, 2011

shame on me

I was mortified when the neighbor knocked at my door this afternoon.  On any normal day this would not have been a problem but today...I was mortified.  Dishes piled in the sink.  Keira's toys strewn about about the floor.  Boxes of craft goodies sitting on every surface.  I sigh even now, as I think back.  All the friendly neighbor wanted was to ask if I could feed his daughter's hamster while they're gone.  Little did he know that my entire afternoon was filled with a twinge of regret due to the unexpected visit.  If only I could keep house like the idyllic 50's wife and make it to the door without falling into a disaster area.

I've been so preoccupied lately that I wasn't even aware of my messy life until I was forced to notice it.  Valentine's Day is coming soon, as we all are aware (or should be at least :) and I've been making things to sell in my shop.  These last two weeks I have surrendered myself, my family, and my poor cats, Oliver and Savy, to my creative addiction.  Turns out I was neglecting the very ones whom I love the most, all for the sake of my fancies.  Shame on me.

I need to know the secret of living without being obsessed with only one thing at a time.  That way I might be able to clean up once in a blue moon.  At least I don't have a stickler for a husband who insists the house always be clean and neat.  Thank you, Howie B :) does your house look these days?


  1. Raaather messy around here, too, I'm afraid. This wintry snow makes me hibernate and nestle down into art projects too. :)

  2. yes...making art projects translates to "i can't focus on anything else in the world right now except this, so please don't ask me to care" :)

  3. quite messy in these parts. i like to remind myself of a sign i once saw in a local boutique, "a clean house is the sign of a dull mind." probably not true, but it makes me feel better:)

    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. also messy. little piles everywhere. ironing board out with embroidery floss, scissors, iron and a rag on top. piano teaching books in a pile in the studio, on the floor. heriberto (herbert) our still-with-roots-attached charlie brown christmas tree, waiting by the back door for a thaw to be replanted. compost piled up to be taken out when it warms up a little. a little frustrating, but, i guess, full of life and indicative of motion and creativitiy. i'm glad i'm not the only one.

  5. Lindy Louise, i'm so glad you said that! i feel so much better too :) i'm going to make something out of that saying and put it somewhere where i can see it every day.

  6. somer, what are you making with your floss? or...just fixing? i hope your little tree can hold out till the warm weather. yes, motion, always a good thing :)


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