Monday, February 14, 2011

Drip, drip, drip

last night's sunset
Today I hear the drip, drip, dripping of melting snow sliding off the roof's edge.  I walked outside's practically warm out!  What a pleasant Valentine's Day surprise :)  I'm not sure why I even started up the wood stove today, we hardly need the heat.  Inside, Oliver is lounging on some Jenga blocks that Keira was playing with.  In his usual form, Savy found the best snuggly spot in the house on Keira's puffy blue grocery-cart blanket in the kitchen.  He looks at me all squinty-eyed and perturbed when I pet him as I walk by as if to say, "How dare you disturb my peaceful rest?"  Keira, too, is napping upstairs.  What is that sound I hear?  Oh yeah...nothing.  It's all quietness and still around here right now.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

Yesterday's Snow Day adventures


  1. I started the wood stove up tonight too, even though it's warm enough ~ it just felt too quiet without it.

    And I've been noticing all the objects melted into the snow too, it's like a giant Operation game out there.

  2. sounds like a pleasant day at your place :)

  3. brooke, those fallen branches and twigs and such that where lying in the snow were so awesome!!! and just like operation...i could have gone out there with my tweezers and operated on the backyard. I love how they just sank right down, slow and steady to make a canyon with deep sides. Does your wood stove have a fan built in to it so that it blows heat out as well as just radiating from the stove?

  4. was. a very nice day :) did you go out for valentine's day yesterday least get to enjoy some melt-in-your-mouth yummy chocolate?

  5. Wow your snow has lasted a long time, you must be glad to see it finally disappearing! It makes for cute photos though :) But it is always nice to see the thaw at the end of winter cause you know then that spring is on the way. Here in Ireland we never really get much snow, our winters are mild, but this year we got so much the whole country practically shut down, it was crazy! I loved taking photos in it, but I'm glad it's all gone now to be honest!

  6. eadaoin, yes...this winter more snow has dropped from the sky than the little bits here and there in previous years. i am becoming more stir crazy and impatient for spring each day :) you know that smell when you walk outside in the morning of dew and buds and earth and life? nothing beats it!

    sounds like you got a lot, too. Where bouts in Ireland do you live? my husband and i love to travel, especially overseas, but we haven't taken one of those trips since our daughter was born 1 yr 1/2 ago. Ireland is at the top of our list :) my hair is red too (not that everyone in ireland has red hair :) and my mom's family name is O'Brien, and my sister is Erin. So, you is my obligation to go there (as if i need an excuse!). Sometime we will come there :)

    How do you pronounce your name, exactly?...if you don't mind my asking.


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