Thursday, February 3, 2011

sun kissed picture window

I saw a little of this and a little of that along my travels today.  I saw clear blue skies over muddy streets.    Roads crisscrossing like scissors.  Beady-eyed traffic lights.  Frosty glass windows.  Fluffy, snow capped bushes.  Bare naked sycamore trees in a line with veins for arms.  Country houses with heavy roofs and crisp waving flags of red, white, and blue.  Strings of old crops popping up through sun-kissed, glistening white fields. 

With tidbits of these images fresh in my mind like a tiny picture window, I am interested in some objects I have around the house.  I don't know exactly what I'll make of them yet, but something for sure.  

P.S. do you adore maps as much as i do?  :)


  1. your walk sounds epic :)
    I absolutely ADORE maps and made some art work from them while in high school. I still have this one map that I marked all the places I would want to go if I went on a monumental road trip. The dream is still there :)

  2. keia, i know! maps are so fun and mysterious and inspiring :) maybe some day you'll get to go to all those places of your at a time is all it takes (and some extra money :)

  3. I love the look of those maps! I always mean to make something one day with an old map, but it still hasn't happened. Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. yes, lots and lots of extra money :)


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