Friday, February 11, 2011

in lieu of spring

 I feel a bit like I'm jumping the gun on Spring coming and that we still have some cold winter days ahead.  In lieu of Spring, here are some things I'm trying to remember to love about Winter.

Valentine delights and fireside nights
Icicle trees and no stinging bees
Hoodies and Uggs and hot coffee mugs
Photo cards from friends and tax-return money to spend
Cozy on the couch with hot chocolate mug to mouth
Mom's potato soup and pies with ice cream scoops
Warm fleecy socks and snow with a crunchy top
Pine needle scents and indoor forts like tents
Warm wool hats and white footprint leaving tracks

Hope this keeps you going for a couple days more at least :)  


  1. love these thoughts jenna!!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. :) yeah, i'm trying to hold myself over for a little while longer...spring will be here soon and then a new baby for you too! yeay. thanks for the climbing info the other day, too. i always keep an eye out for that kind of stuff! xoxo.

  3. this was especially for you, laur :)


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