Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow and ice and everything nice

I woke up this morning and my world was filled with crystals and white as far as they eye could see.  Freezing rain makes for bad driving conditions but for lovely views.  This is the scene from my backyard :)  So pretty.

As I wound my way down melting streets and low hanging branches, I caught a glimpse of this snowman lovingly created by some brave souls who must have invested many cold minutes in their efforts.  This seems as if it could only have been made with the assistance of one very dedicated parent who must have gotten all gussied up with warm boots, a cozy jacket with some fur lining, and a pair of embarrassingly 80's neon green waterproof gloves in order to help make this.  Unfortunately, this snowman doesn't look as stately and kept as he once was two days ago when I drove by.  The poor guy lost half of his teeth and one eye in the storm and barely made it out with his life!  But he appears to still be smiling :)


  1. My favorite snowman so far had orange halves for eyes and a peel for the smile. :) The ice was so pretty this morning.

  2. that's creative, i haven't seen one made with fruit before :)

  3. I think I would go a little crazy with my camera in snow like this! Absolutely gorgeous!


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