Sunday, February 27, 2011

a (Giveaway)

I dream about tiles often when I sleep, especially while I'm focused on designing or making them.  Not as if I see them as a slide show running through my brain all night, but more like rows and rows of them on a conveyor belt.  I'm you dream about your work too??  I would like to present an offer of my work and a Giveaway to all who are interested!

I've been brewing this idea for a while and am excited to have made a couple new designs.  I made wedding tile favors for my guests attending my wedding and everybody LOVED them so I am inspired to pass that Love along.  Some tiles (like these above) are designed to be used for wedding favors, baby shower gifts, or special holiday occasions, stamped on the back with the names of the couple, individual, or baby, and the date of day, birth date, etc.  They are coming soon to my Etsy shop, once I get some samples ready.  With each batch of 50, I'm going to offer one free for the customer to keep, with their names and date on the front.  Here's a sample I'll keep for myself.  This is in raw form, not even bisque fired yet.

Long story offer is this for any of my lovely readers who are interested: For only $5  plus the cost of shipping (total cost is well over 50% off original price), I will make you your own personalized tile such as the one above if you would be willing for me to photograph it before shipment for display purposes.  You can choose the center image you like from the 3 new designs, Birds, Bells, or Heart and then your specifics would be stamped above and below, like my own sample which will measure roughly 2 1/2 inches square when complete.  On the back is a groove which enables the tile to be hung with a nail or hook.

If you'd like to take me up on this offer, here's what to do:
-Contact me in a message via Facebook, Email (, or through my Etsy shop JennaBdesigns.  I will just need a couple tidbits of info from you in the message..
1.  your choice for the center design (heart, birds, bells).  see picture above
2.  the date you'd like inscribed at the top
3.  the name or names you'd like inscribed at the bottom
4.  the color glaze you would prefer, please pick one.  These choices are:
saffron (buttery yellow) 
honey (sandy light golden brown)
indigo (stormy blue)
mint (light green like avocado)
juniper (dark bluish green)
5.  how I can contact you when ready to ship (email, etsy, etc.)

An image of the sample color choices:

The cost is just enough to cover materials and shipping because I am just happy to make you one of your commemorate a moment you love with something that will last forever.  Shipping costs will be set at $3.50 for USA, $4.50 for CANADA, and $6.00 Everywhere else.  When your tile is complete, I can send you a picture for your review before purchase.  

**Also...One lucky friend will receive their tile for free as I'll be randomly drawing a name and will post the Winner of the Giveaway here when tiles are complete.

Thanks all and let me know if you have any questions :) 


any thoughts?? thanks for stopping by :)