Friday, February 25, 2011

the world from above

Can you see the hot air balloon in the sky?  It's tiny, but there.  One of the things I love about summer time is driving along and spotting a hot air balloon.  For whatever reason, they make me happy.  I know that whoever's in it is smiling too :)  Since we live around many fields it's not unheard of to see one landing.  Once, a friend and I altered our destination while driving along because we spotted one.  Our mission...follow it until it lands.  And so we did.  You would never believe how small they fold and tuck and wrap that enormous balloon into when the adventure is over.  The pilot and the "chasing crew" stuffed it into what appeared to be a very large and sturdy wicker chest.  I'm totally serious.  Amazing.  A couple years ago, Howie took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday.  I was in awe of the quiet of the ride, the tiny specs of life below, and the mechanics of the balloon carrying us along.  I love being a part of the sky above, for once, as opposed to the ground below.  Afterward the pilot treated us to champagne and cheese and crackers in a little gazebo near the launch site while he told us the tales of his adventures in the air.  If you haven't tried flying in one of these...I highly recommend it!  Anyone have any good hot air balloon stories?


  1. I've never seen a hot air balloon, they're just not that common here in Ireland. I've also never really wanted to ride in one, always thought it would be a bit frightening, but you make it seem so nice here :) Lovely shot too, it's nice to see a summery blue sky right now, I'm starting to long for the warmer months again.

  2. it is a bit scary, eadaoin, at the beginning just as the basket is lifting off the ground. but's wonderful :)

  3. I did a paper once on hot air balloons for a childhood education class that Yvonne Love taught. I remember random facts like the ancient chinese used to fill eggshells with hot air and apparently they would float. And during the civil war, women donated their silk petticoats to the government, who made survey balloons from them!

    Yesterday while driving near Lambertville, I saw one and it made me really happy. :)

  4. yup, they have a way of making you smile :) do you remember that day, brooke? (by the way...i'm glad your name has an "e" on the end. it just wouldn't suit you the same without out it :) eggs and their shells have an abundance of great uses. in elementary school, we made hot air balloons out of tissue paper. some of them really did float, actually!


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