Wednesday, March 16, 2011

beads and a party

 Look at this.  I love how the crystal water beads stay behind after a rainy day.  So pretty and makes everything feel so fresh and alive.  Today is pretty quiet, thankfully.  After a whirlwind couple days of orders, I've shipped the last out into the world this morning.  I'm catching up on some much needed house-tidying.  The destruction I leave behind when I'm knee deep in projects is almost as bad as a tornado :)  I'll also be playing nurse today to my sister who just got some wisdom teeth extracted.  Not pleasant for her...but I'm happy to have her resting on the freshly "made up like a bed" couch and attending to her every need.  We decided she should get a little bell to ring me over whenever she's wanting :)  It's fun having her around for a couple long days after living in separate households for so many years.  It's like winter camp, or vacation, or a party or something.  Tonight, since I'm obviously obsessed with working...I'll be starting some new work that I've been pondering over all day.  And I'm looking forward to making mashed potatoes since swollen mouths cannot eat solid foods.  Today is lovely :)  How's yours going?


  1. House-tidying here too. And enjoying the new kitchen. Making tea. I have plans for the garden too ~ so pretty all sparkly after the rain. I'm enjoying the birds are flying in in droves to eat the birdseed I scattered.

    Hope your working goes well tonight, and the sister on the couch heals quickly. :)

  2. (Wow there is so much bad grammar in that comment.)

  3. sounds peaceful and 'springy'. I hope your sister's mouth heals soon, she is lucky to have a sister to cook her mashed potatoes :)

  4. brooke...keira and i listen to the tweet tweeting birds every morning from her window as we whistle to them. good grammar is over-rated anyway :)

    thanks, Keia, she is feeling much better already. i forgot to add green food coloring to the mashed potatoes for Saint Patty's Day :( but they were still yummy :)


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