Thursday, March 17, 2011

simply sweet

Today it was mid 60's.  A little spring preview "they" say.  Keira and I spent the afternoon at Tyler Park with a good friend Lauren who is one half of the wonderful photography duo, morrisseyphoto.  What a nice day it was too.  So warm I wore a short sleeved T and didn't even bring a sweatshirt :)  We walked the long and windy path through the shadowy woods, mini dogs, speed-walking couples, and baby strollers.  Lauren wore her sweet Quinn in a little baby carrier on her person.  Keira just had the time of her life in her Kelty Kids Backpack slung over my shoulders.  Those of you with kids...this is the most awesome thing.  Throw your "baggage" (a.k.a. "sweet little one") in the pack on your back and take off....

Hooray for the warm weather.  Why, oh why, do I live on the northern East Coast when I adore the sun so much???


  1. I spent time in the sun today with a friend and her baby too! So great! I only wish I had brought my camera. C'mon warmer weather :-)

  2. Yay! We're lucky we have such a nice park so close to us! I can't wait for many warm days, sleepy babies and long walks :)

    ps one half morrissey photo, one half of the goldfish girls ;) (I guess I can have many halves!)

  3. sarah...don't you just love this weather?! my camera lives in my bag so it comes along everywhere with us, just in case :0

    lauren: yeah, you're split quite a lot of ways...goldfish girls (what a fun day that was :) you're also one half of your parents' kids and one half of quinn's parents :)


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