Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm off to my weekly Tuesday dinner at my Poppy's house but I just wanted to leave you with this to remember: Spring is coming soon!  The days are growing longer and longer, a sure sign.  And the birds are out twittering to one another, telling long and exciting stories that are a secret to me.  The squirrel is carefully balanced on the fence, munching away on a stray nut he found in the yard.  I am watching the first buds on the trees become more and more confident to show their colors everyday.  And...it is quite warm, I don't even need a jacket :)  Very soon, my friends.


  1. ahhh, spring. finally.

    I wanted to recommend my favorite Agatha to you ~
    Death on the Nile. Don't know what you've read of hers, but it's good.

  2. oh, brooke, thanks! i haven't read that one. and i'm going to read that after water for elephants!!

    yeah, laur, it can't come soon enough!


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