Sunday, March 27, 2011

out with the old...

It's a lovely Sunday here, the kind were we are all together in one place, including Howie B :)  Keira Belle got a new handmade quilt from her Grandma Sue and it's already a favorite.  She's talking up a storm today and obviously enjoying the day as much as I am.  Now if only the weather was warm and toasty like this time last week...that would really be just wonderful.  I'm getting antsy for a spring bonfire because it's just about time for one when we gather 'round and set the dead old Christmas tree aflame.  That's quite a sight.  Also...this seems like the perfect time for a little spring cleaning out and rearranging.  I've just noticed that our holiday wreath still hangs on the siding outside the back door.  All this time I've become so used to it that I don't even register it's presence anymore.  But I do believe it's time to retire the old thing.  Out with the old, in with the new.  My clothes closet could also use a bit of  paring down as well.  Who's with me?  Anyone up for passing along a bag full of unworn clothes to another loving owner's delight?  The Goodwill always takes donations :)

this was made entirely by hand...and never even touched a sewing machine if you can believe it



  1. I love that last picture ~ and what an amazing quilt!! Entirely handsewn? That's such a wonderful full-of-love kind of thing for Keira to soak in as she lays on it. :) I had a blankie about that size growing up, and still have a piece of it ~ I wore it absolutely to shreds and loved it so much. I wonder if Keira will feel like that about this one in a decade. :)

  2. i love it. so sweet. i too am feeling like i need to go through my closet- i have a couple of new fun things and they're side by side with some things cluttering and gathering dust. wanna come over and help me? i'm having a hard time getting started....

    keira is so sweet.

  3. yes, it is entirely handsewn...imagine the time and well wishes sent keira's way during the making of this one. yup, those blankies are something i remember too. i still have mine, soft as ever and thinned to practically nothing. i'm betting this one will get just as much attention. and's a hard thing to do, getting rid of the beloved, but unworn clothes. it takes me a while to come to terms with parting with them too, so i totally get it and would love to come over :)

  4. cute quilt :)

    That is what I love about spring, the opportunity to start over to clean out and just feel refreshed. I hope your endeavors are fulfilling :)

  5. What a wonderful quilt. Stylish and comfortable too I bet.

  6. Oh, thanks Keia. I'm really on a roll this week walking around I really need this? It feels good and new, warm weather is a great motivator :)

    Joyti, it is so comfy and she takes everything over there and plops down in the middle like she's on a picnic, with her books and her water and her cats too :)


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