Monday, March 21, 2011

rainy day morning

It's wet and damp outside, but I kind of like it.  The recently raked-of-all-twigs yard is getting a nice, cool drink of all this water and is turning back to that summery green I look forward to all year.  Not that I need one, but this gray day is giving me a perfect excuse to light up the wood stove again and sip slowly from my toasty mug.  The sound of the tires on the wet road as the cars drive by is like a comforting fuzz in the background, so this is one day I'm not bothered that our house is a bit close to the road.  It's calm here and life seems to move more slowly today than others, which I love.  If I could I would prefer to add at least 3 more hours of light to the day.  Imagine what accomplishments could come from an extra three hours :)  More fun work, a tidier house, time for a nap, a better tended garden, a nice long run with my bouncy sneakers and music in my head, and more well-prepared dinners that savor of the heart and soul put into the making, possible only with more time.  If only...But in the meantime, I'll have to settle with staying up entirely too late, rarely sitting down during the day, and a mind full of over-anxious ideas waiting to come to fruition :)  That's okay too, it adds excitement to life when the goal many fun things can I squeeze into one day? 

Just a couple pictures from adventures of a not-so-rainy day...a couple days ago.


  1. beautiful pictures :) I agree with you about adding daylight to the day, there is just not enough sun in 24 hrs. (and I continue to point this out to my nighttime loving husband...)

  2. really, he loves the dark, huh? night is fun and exciting, but i'm just not motivated to get as much done then :)


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