Wednesday, March 23, 2011

yet left or right?

It appears that Keira cannot decide if she is yet left or right handed.  She does a wonderful job with both, but usually her left hand grip looks much more natural...guess we'll have to wait and find out :)  I'm loving watcher her as she carries around a small rainbow of crayons and her notepad.  Surprisingly, she chose the purple one and I wonder if she is subconsciously being persuaded by the fact that she's dressed like an Easter egg (that's what a woman in the store told me anyway) .  Mostly, she likes to plop down almost right on Oliver and place her paper on top of his fluffy pillowy self and proceed to work there.  The funny thing is...he doesn't seem to mind too much most days.  It's all very sweet.  And then there's Savy, keeping his distance hiding in the blanket hutch because he knows when he's in there...she can only get so close.  What would I be without my Keira and my Cats for entertainment?


  1. Your designs are awesome!!!!!!!
    I'm sure Keira will be not only as talented, but also as beautiful as you are.
    Maribel :)

  2. Oh Maribel!!! Hello and thank you, You are so sweet :) Keira is having fun and it's so interesting to see her little preferences coming out! How is your little one, though? He is just adorable :)


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