Sunday, April 10, 2011

just hanging out

We don't get out quite as much as we used to to go climbing, with the little one and all.  So, we brought the climbing to our own back yard.  We've got plenty of big, tall trees.  And backpacks full of gear.  So, we're making a bit of fun.

Howie must have also been pondering life up there...Just resting and staring off into the distance.

A rope, a harness, some ascension devices, and a couple carabiners is just enough to hold us off until a climbing wall is built in the backyard :)

Of course, Keira thinks we're crazy. 

But we're not.
Either way, she would just assume stay closer to the earth and stomp on all the bubbles :)


  1. it is!!! you guys should come over some day when it's warm and join us :)

  2. wow, that looks like it relieves stress pretty well.


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