Wednesday, April 6, 2011

out of touch

Yesterday morning my faulty cell phone finally decided to die.  It was interesting having no phone all day and night since we don't keep a land line connected in the house.  Actually, as out of touch as I was with the world...I kind of liked it.  It brought me back to the good old days when one was not on call to the whims of others 24/7.  Unfortunatley, I do need to have some kind of phone so I'm off to the phone shop to get another.  In the mean time, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. 

Speaking of peace and quiet...this is why I love Keira's room.  It's on the third floor so always a little toasty, which is great for my cold self that could always be warmer.  Afternoon light pours in through the knee high windows.  The ceiling is low and cozy as a favorite sweater.  It's Quiet.  Friendly.  Safe.  Everything is rather small like suddenly I'm a giant in a world of miniatures.  So, it's not at all overwhelming.  I think it also helps that it's clean and tidy and has a huge green leaf as a fort to go along with the comforting green walls and white trim.  Sometimes, we dream of living up there all our days...just for fun.  Which is your favorite room in the house? 


  1. wow, it is so bright and cheerful in there! No wonder Keira is a happy person :)


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