Sunday, April 3, 2011

today is...

Today is...FUN.  Scrambled eggs with green peppers and onions, french toast, and bacon for breakfast.  A little bit of jumping on the bed while reading.  Taking photos of new work to be posted soon.  Playing in the garden with lots and lots of dirt.  Keira doesn't even mind when she picks up a worm and unknowingly pulls it into two pieces :)  A clean house after last nights bonfire party.  And...a whole "do-whatever-you-want" afternoon and evening to look forward to. 

Preceding today's happenings was last night's excitement.  Everyone was gathered around the blazing bonfire out back, ready to set the dead, old, christmas tree alight.  Red faces and rosy cheeks.  Marshmallows and chocolate.  Chitter chatter of friends.  Then, the time came and the tree was thrown into the flames.  There was quite a lot of smoke and some high reaching flames too :)  Not two minutes later, the siren sounded 2 miles down the lane at the fire station.  I was convinced it had nothing to do with us.  Low and did.  In came the fire marshal and the police escort.  Oops.  After scoping out the situation they called off the big fire truck that was on it's way.  I apologized to those poor souls who left their warm cozy houses to fight the big bad fire that turned out to be a friendly gathering around a bonfire instead.  I offered them brownies, but they smiled and declined and politely took down our information...just in case we decide to make a habit of this delinquent behavior :)


  1. sounds like quite and evening, but a fun one.

  2. it was. memorable to say the least. do you guys ever get to go to bonfires??

  3. Tina, you're right- being outside is always fun, let alone working in the garden!!


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