Friday, April 29, 2011

swept away

Lately, it's as though I'm being swept away with the gentle spring breeze.  I'm just a freshly watered leaf who's along for the ride after some nourishment and growth.  All things greater than me, the things out of my control, seem to have taken over and I am happy to be moving at all.  I'm busy, but that's because I'm being productive.  I'm tired, but that's because I am working hard.  I'm antsy, but that's because I'm leaving the nest for a trip very soon.  I'm happy.  A lesson learned...once you make the effort to get the ball rolling, you never know where you might end up :)  I mean all this is a very good way because you can never go wrong with setting a goal, starting a plan, working hard, and inevitably...moving forward.  I hope you are feeling refreshed in this new season as well !!  Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm so jealous that your world is full of magnolia blossoms! Your dreams sound beautiful too x

  2. I hear you on the momentum of that ball once it's rolling...

    I love the new banner! So beautiful. :)


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